His Kind of Woman is Available Now and FREE!

His Kind of Woman a transgender romance by Nona Rainws

Greetings, everyone! I’m very happy to announce that my romance novella, His Kind of Woman is now available as a Spring Fling at the Loose Id site. This story is something of a follow-up to Uncollared, as it follows the love story of trans woman Venetia Varrano, who appeared in the earlier story.

This is a story about secrets and lies, but the secrets don’t belong to Venetia. The fact that she’s transgender is revealed early in the story (and those who have read Uncollared are already aware of it). It’s Roy Girard, Venetia’s love interest, who harbors the secret. His brother bullied Venetia unmercifully in high school, when she was known as Victor. Roy’s afraid if she learns the truth, she’ll no longer want to see him. But secrets always have a way of coming to light.

The story is also about forgiveness. Venetia must decide if she can forgive not only Roy, but his brother Travis as well.

I hope you’ll give His Kind of Woman a try. The novella will be free until June 19 at the Loose Site, and will be $2.99 thereafter. In addition, my romance Uncollared will be on sale at $3.99 during the same period.


Thanks, everyone, and have a wonderful weekend!

Nona Raines
Hot Contemporary Romance
Edgy ~ Emotional ~ Erotic

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